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Ural USA—The Story So Far
How did we get here, and what is the story? The story is the one you tell your co-workers Monday morning about the ride you took with the family over the weekend, the spouse or puppy, comfy in the sidecar. Or it could be the story about how you caught the big one at your favorite backwoods fishing spot—before this—it was the one you could only get to before in your 4WD gas-guzzler. This time you simply motored on through the streams and rocks on your motorcycle! This story of Ural USA—otherwise known as IMWA—and all the ones waiting to happen. The story is YOURS when you own and ride a Ural.


Our part of the story is that we are Ural USA or, actually, we are Irbit MotorWorks of America, Inc, or Ural IMWA for short. The official affiliate of the Irbit MotorWorks Factory in Irbit, Russia. As such, we are the direct importer and distributor for the Ural sidecar motorcycle in the United States. We are a small, but dedicated team, made up of both American and Russian men and women who each contribute to the story in his and her own capacity. From the moment your future Ural is received here in the United States, our team works diligently to assure that your bike, your dealer, and you, are well-equipped for the adventure ahead.


We think that for you—our customers and fans—one of the most important parts to the story is that Ural IMWA is not only those of us who work here in America, but it is also EVERY one of the 150 employees of our plant in Irbit. All of us together will do everything we can to insure that you receive a unique product and outstanding service. We will do our best to listen to you, consider your opinion and your wishes in developing our products and our services.


Design Principles
Unlike any other combinations, Ural is the only motorcycle specifically built for usage with sidecar. First designed 70 years ago by outstanding BMW engineers and later developed and modified by talented Russians, Ural is one of these rare technical wonders, which outlived its creators as times went by. The Ural design is based on principles which lay the foundation for the sidecar experience. The Ural motorcycle design is not just about attaching a sidecar to the motorcycle, but also about making the machine capable for almost any type of road, weather, and service condition.


These motorcycles and sidecars are truly built for purpose, and thanks to the continual refinement of the Ural motorcycle design, our product serves our customers as best it can.

  • Ural is the only sidecar specific manufacturer importing into the US
  • All design principles are tailored to building a cohesive sidecar motorcycle.
  • While many companies sell so called “bolt on sidecars” for most makes and models they will never handle like a Ural without extensive modifications to steering and braking components
  • Ural sidecars are built tough for even the most adventuresome of riders who demand a solid platform for both on and off road riding
  • Sidecars provide stability beyond anything the competition can offer; year round riding in some of the worst weather imaginable is possible and de rigueur for Ural

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